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meIn my life, I have made incredible discoveries as to the reality of human physiology and biology. It has been an evolving story. Many times, I thought I understood exactly why these incredible changes were happening to me. I had read many authors from the past several hundred years, and also had the accounts of many people successful at making massive improvements to their health. I have come to understand that, while these authors and individuals were meeting with great success, they were still not understanding the underlying mechanisms that are in play. Nor do they understand the real reasons that their changes had worked. 

Man Worries As Patient Lays In BedApproximately 14 years ago, I found myself sitting in a cold, stark white hospital emergency room. I was witnessing my fathers heart attack. As I watched, a stent was inserted into an artery in his leg, and run all the way through his body to his heart. I watched this procedure knowing that I could lose my father so quickly and easily.

Why was this happening to him? Why does this happen at all? In the days and weeks to follow, it dawned on me that this fearful visit to the hospital will more and more be the norm in my life. By this time, I had a host of illnesses of my own, that was not getting any better. All of the illnesses that I list were chronic illnesses.

  • I.B.S. (I had this long before there was a name for it)
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Diverticulosis
  • Allergies resulting in chronic congestion (most notably in the morning)
  • Atrial Fibrillation

It got to the point that every time I visited the doctor, he said, “Here… take this pill and you’ll be fine.”. “How long should I take it for?”,  I asked.  “Every day… for the rest of your life.”, was the answer.

I looked around at all the other animals in nature, and wondered, why don’t they seem to need hospitals, doctors and surgeries? I’m not talking about our pets or the animals in zoos. I’m talking about animals in the wild. To be sure that my perceived observation was true or not, I spent some time studying animals. And sure enough. They do not need hospitals, doctors and surgeries!

Now the big question was, “Why!?”. Why are human beings… the beings with the greatest intelligence on earth… so incredibly fragile and disease prone?

I have spent more than 14 years looking for the answer to man’s health dilemma. And, I have found that we are no more frail than any other species and that the perceived frailty is created entirely by man, himself.

it comes down to two things!

If you do not have immaculate health (and virtually no one does), then it boils down to one of two things (almost always, it is both).

  1. Diseased:Your body has obstructions (in both the lymphatic system and digestive system) which are interfering with the normally perfect functioning of your body.
  2. You are consuming toxins, either airborne, orally, or topically ( always, all three of these). Literally, everything that you consume, even food, creates obstructions in your body and is, therefore, to be considered a toxin.

It is this simple. We are starving for the knowledge that will allow us to make appropriate choices. We are so starved, in fact, that most of us do not even have a clue of the dramatic impact that addressing these two issues will have on human health.

As stated above, all food creates obstructions. To further note, some foods create more obstructions than others. But, all foods cause obstructions.


A raw/vegan may read this and think that it is preposterous that I could call raw/vegan food obstructive. But, as I discovered on my own, this is true.

When you switch from SAD (Standard American Diet) you will feel better and continue longer with greater health to a point. Why? Because, as you switch to a different type of food (all raw in this case), you have moved to a type of food that is causing fewer obstructions in the body.

When the body doesn’t have to work so hard, protecting you from the current onslaught of obstructive material, it has the time to do a little “detoxifying” (elimination of currently existing obstructions). And, so, for a while, your health has a chance to improve. That improvement will be noticeable for a longer time than you could have experienced on the Standard American Diet.

But, if you keep eating, the obstructions are still being put into you. Eventually, you have increased the obstructions to a point where your body can’t detox you anymore. The “over thirty downhill” syndrome is really just reaching this point. Until you stop putting in obstructions, you will not be able to improve (heal).

what people need to know


I informally attend many potlucks, and other events, and share my story of how I eliminated all six of my chronic illnesses in less than two months. I love to share this information.

I used to say that the food that you eat is not a “one size fits all” proposition. Actually, as it turns out, this is a “one size fits all” situation. The one size is this: “all food causes obstructions.“.

The less time you spend eating, the more your body screams out to you when you eat. We don’t realize how used to polluting our bodies we have gotten. The more you fast, the more you realize that we, as babies (they generally cry and/or have terrible gastric problems with the introduction of acid-forming foods, solids, meats, fats, etc.), were pressed to do something agonizingly painful for us. It becomes easy to understand what is happening. But, the miserable feeling that we become aware of is, still, no longer fun to deal with. Not easy at all.

Detoxification” is in your future, unless you want to continue in the downhill spiral that we have all believed is “normal aging”. Drugs, Disease after disease, surgeries, cataracts, implants, stents, dementia, etc., are the farthest thing from “normal”.


Early in my search for answers, I discovered that commerce has utterly decimated good health because it sells products for profit, and with no concern for human health. Now! I have been very kind to refer to commerce as it. But, the truth of the matter is, commerce is made up of people. Therefore, it is a travesty that our diets have gone so far off track and that we ingest foreign, toxic chemicals from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. It is a travesty that they are in our foods, drinks, and toiletry items.

We are being bombarded with toxins 24/7. But, realize, that it isn’t just the processed foods, though they are horrifyingly toxic. Remember,

all food causes obstructions.

If we do not take a break from food, we will be forever increasing the obstructions, and that is why everybody gets sick, ages poorly, suffers, and dies far too young.

FYI: People often cite their over 80 parents saying that they have lived long healthy lives. But when you start talking to them about their current condition, they have the whole gamut of degenerative illnesses and most of the time they are on quite a few drugs. They have had surgeries, suffered diseases for which they take drugs, and this is not optimal health. Nor is it longevity. For the few people with very strong genetic constitutions and who seem active in their 80s, they would have been doing far better without the lifelong Standard Americ Diet creating obstructions.


Nutrition is a fallacy that I had a tough time reconciling at first. Healing your body has nothing at all to do with nutrition. It does not and should not be a part of the process of healing. All we must do is remove the obstructions. The ingestion of anything, causes your body to expend energy. Food could never give you more energy than you already have.

You are depleting your energy by having to process food. It is why you are always tired from eating. In the cases where you think you are getting energy from food, you are really just screwing around with the natural function of all the hormones your body produces. When you mess with that, you get spikes [stimulation] and drops [depression]. Spikes from adrenal and other glandular stimulation are not to be confused with energy.

For Example, 

Everybody thinks you need meat. When they stop eating meat, they end up feeling very drained. And make the assumption that energy comes from the meat. But meat is actually stimulating adrenals.

That stimulation must not be confused with energy. The constant stimulation of adrenals by meat and any other acidic Foods including coffee studies sodas, etc. has shot virtually everybody’s adrenal glands. And that is catastrophic to the body. The adrenal glands send vital messages to other organs.

When I say vital I mean just that. Your health and life depend on it.

Your body already has energy. It doesn’t come from food. you deplete energy by consuming.

my intention

What I intend to do, with these writings, is to treat it, as if I am speaking to one of those people at the meetups I attended regularly. Somebody who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. I will share my experiences in an orderly fashion, explaining my experiences as they unfolded.

No one needs to be sick. No one is supposed to be sick. This malfunction is being caused by obstructions.

Too much constant eating without ever allowing the body to remove the waste. Fats, Starches, Animal Protein, cooked matter… It all creates a great deal of waste, and the constant eating prevents its complete removal. So it accumulates in the body.

Too much poison. All the man-made chemicals are nothing but toxic in your body.

Too much stress. Stress creates excessive cortisol and other acidic hormones in the body.

my journey