Over the years, I have learned much about what true health is. As simple as it really is, we have grown up with preconceptions… indoctrination… from the earliest of ages. … From the very beginning of life, actually. It seems to be in the nature of man, for change to be very difficult. … Almost impossible. Even when I was faced with the stark realities. I would mentally fight the change. Even though I knew it was the path I wanted to take.

After my first experiment of several months of raw/vegan (that was easy, because I made myself a lab experiment), I then knew that this was to be my diet for the rest of my life. Even though I knew better then to touch the foods that brought me to the sad state I was in, in later years, I still had a psychological desire for them.

transition foods

Transition foods became a popular concept for me. Even though optimal health and longevity is as simple as picking an apple off of a tree and eating it, I was used to “creating” stuff in the kitchen. I loved to cook, and I needed that component in my life. Well… do we need these things? … A resounding no. … But, I wanted this thing… this “fun” in the kitchen.

So, like the raw/vegan role models that I had adopted as my mentors and superheros, I equipped myself with:

  • EasyChipTriangles Easy ChipHigh-speed Blender
  • Food Processor
  • Dehydrator
  • Spiralizer (warmly referred to as, “Spirooli”)
  • And, now lately, a really cool device for making chips fast and easy… The Easy Chip

Thankfully, I could still use all of the little gadgets (peelers, slicers, mandolins, etc) that came from my cooked food world.

In a short time, I realized that I could make just about anything to resemble the “cooked food” counterpart. It’s funny, that picking up fruit and eating it at the table, just does not seem civil or “right” while everyone else at the table is eating stuff like macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, lasagna, burgers, mashed potatos, etc. At first, I felt like the oddball. But, after a while, you realize that you are the one that’s “doing it right”. That all of the people around you that think you are strange or on a “fad”, are actually acidifying their bodies and creating the degeneration that you had already experienced and managed to stop and reverse.

I would never stop the diet. Not in the face of this strange scenario. … Not for anything on earth. Knowing that you will not slowly degenerate, bandaid yourself with drugs… surgery… be miserable as you age… “go out with a whimper”… all of these things. Knowing these things is a phenomenal motivator.

But, that said. It was awesome when I could bring my own version of lasagna, or pasta, or burgers, even tiramisu, chocolate cheesecake, and now cinnamon rolls, mac and cheese… geez! This list is endless! Being able to bring these things to those family dinners just made things great. It doesn’t make your lifestyle less strange to anyone. But, it stimulates a terrific and exciting social aspect. You are now engaging in productive conversation about your lifestyle. A fun aspect. Everybody loves to taste. Now, if you stick something in front of someone and simply say, “It’s healthy.”, you seriously meet with resistance. Most people won’t even touch it. It’s so strange a phenomenon. But, that is simply the way it is. Anyway, this has become a fun adventure. I engage in conversation about my lifestyle and the foods. It feels good, socially. And, I get to continue on without worry of disease.

Because of the social aspect of “transition foods”, You actually have the opportunity to help people on a healthier path. … Without even trying.

Complexity of Transition Foods

Just as with cooked food recipes, raw/vegan recipes will range from very simple to very complex. If you like being a chef, the sky is the limit. There is no end to the creativity. And, there is the benefit, that as you spend some time eating only raw, the cleansing that occurs in your body will sharpen your sense of taste and smell. The raw foods, full of the many flavors provided by nature, taste and smell even better.

As a side-thought… the funny thing about meats, is that if you were not to put any plant-based seasoning on them, you would not want to eat them for very long. Its red meat, white meat, fish… none of which taste like much, without those seasonings. Don’t believe me? Try it! The bottom line, is that we enjoy the plant-based seasonings. Not ripping apart dead flesh in our teeth. … Seriously.

Sources for Transition Food Recipes

There are many sources for transition foods (aka, raw/vegan recipes). I began a small collection of books, early on. But, then became creative on my own and have developed many recipes over the years. I have placed them on web-sites, and in a book. There will more than likely, be more books in the future, as well.

Here is a link to my UnCookbook for Newbies:


Natural Vibrant Health – Raw Food

If you adopt this lifestyle, even for a while just to try it out. … The way I did… Then just make sure you have fun with it. Always remind yourself of how great your are going to feel, or have already started to feel. And, that life will not be a constant worry of all the diseases that everybody else seems to be manifesting. Enjoy the transition foods when you have the time to make them. … And, by all means… Make the time to start such projects. It may seem hard getting started. Because, after all, we are humans. We create our routines, and for some reason we stick to them with fervor, rather than allowing new and exciting change in.


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