Detox for a Complete Restoration of Your Health

Exercise-Regime-AExercise for Health?

Many people believe that exercise and eating in moderation is the key to good health. But, in truth, unless you are already eating a diet that is conducive to optimal health and longevity, the exercise is actually not beneficial. It is, in fact, detrimental to your optimal health and longevity. Even if you are conditioning your heart, improving your vitals, losing weight, and the myriad of other seeming improvements that we see, the process is detrimental to optimal health and longevity. This will, most certainly, raise many eyebrows. So please bear with me and read on. It is critical for you to understand what I am talking about. It is critical for everyone to get past the mainstream marketing rhetoric that dictates society’s beliefs and actions towards health.

Race-Car-SixThe Body Must Be Firing on all Four Cylinders

The body must be functioning perfectly, being able to extract maximum nutrition from the fuel source. And, the body must also be able to eliminate waste products efficiently. Unless a person had been eating only raw plant based foods, primarily fruits, berries and melons for his/her entire life, then that person’s body is not functioning optimally. And, the impact of exercise on the body will be detrimental.

Filling-the-Tank-AFuel Source

Let’s talk about the fuel source first. And, then we will discuss the very, very, very neglected system of elimination.

Since we don’t eat according to nature, we are unable to achieve maximum nutrition.

FructoseMolecules Simple sugars (fructose) are easily digested by humans. It is the human energy source.



Complex sugars (like glucose) are difficult for humans to digest.

FruitsBerriesMelonsThe foods that are bodies can process most efficiently are fruits, berries and melons. These sugars are the fuel on which that the body is intended to run. They are simple sugars, as opposed to complex sugars. The body is able to process simple sugars with the least amount of enzymatic activity. We cannot deal with complex sugars at all. It wreaks havoc on us and that will be discussed in a later section.

BurgerGuyWhen we eat animal products, and processed foods we are consuming matter in a form from which our bodies can not efficiently extract nutrients. When we consume meat, for example, our bodies must tear down all of those proteins into amino acids, the basic building blocks of protein. From that point, the amino acids can be used to build human proteins. This process causes a great deal of enzymatic activity, stealing as much as 80% of your body’s immune system capacity during the digestive process.

When we ingest animal protein, cooked food, processed foods, etc., our bodies must take action to deal with these foreign substances. It must act to keep you alive in the short run, even though the actions will be detrimental to longevity. One of the ways that your body protects you from many of these toxic components is to coat them with a substance called mucoid plaque. Unfortunately, when the mucoid plaque forms, it sticks to the walls of your colon and small intestines and holds the encased toxins in there for perpetuity (unless you proactively take measures to get it out). Most of the nutrition that we receive is via the walls of the intestinal tract. When the walls are coated with mucoid plaque, we are only able to receive about 4% of the nutrients we would otherwise acquire.

To make matters worse, the cooked and processed foods that we eat, have virtually all of the nutritional components destroyed. Only a fraction of a percent of matter is actually of any benefit, and most of the matter present, is toxic to the body creating that mucoid plaque (that we just talked about) and other problems that tax the elimination systems of the body beyond its capacity.

So, only 4% of a fraction of 1% is actually ever being used by our bodies. This is a pitiful excuse for fuel. Animal protein, cooked foods, and processed foods are a pitiful excuse for fuel.

Elimination System

As mentioned above, the elimination systems of the body are terribly neglected. I don’t just mean that we neglect them. But, the mainstream health industry, and for the most part, the holistic movement, simply disregards this vital piece of the puzzle. This vital function.

Because we have been eating cooked and processed foods and animal protein meals for our entire lives, a great deal of cellular waste has accumulated and is clogging the lymphatic system. That last sentence cannot be overstated. Our lymphatic systems are a cesspool.

Lymphatic System

LymphaticSystemThe lymphatic system is three times the size of the blood system. And, it is what carries away the cellular waste that your body constantly generates. Remember. Every living thing must consume substances and eliminate waste. Every cell in your body is doing this. And, we have added to the normal waste load with every meal, every day, every week, every year. We tax the system so much, that it becomes congested and the waste cannot be eliminated.

So, we have years and years and years of cellular waste backing up in our lymphatic system. This is the breeding ground for virtually all, if not all, cancers. To Understand the depth of this, realize that from the first bite of cooked and processed foods (that includes baby formula), the process of congestion begins… And, it has never stopped. Because, we have never eaten a strictly raw fruit diet that is picked fresh from the plant.

A raw fruit based diet is the only diet that will not accumulate cellular waste in the lymphatic system. It is only this diet (with the possible exception of a green juice diet) that will allow a previously congested lymphatic system to finally clear itself out.

There are some of you out there that will argue that vegetables are ok in this capacity. But, science (and the microscope) doesn’t lie. Vegetables do cause some congestion. They inhibit lymphatic decongestion. They are not appropriate for detoxing the lymphatic system.

Kidney-CareThe Kidney Connection

You can do a simple test to see if your kidneys are filtering. This is vital, because your lymphatic waste drains to your kidneys. And, your kidneys must be filtering the waste so that you can excrete it in your urine. Your urine should not be clear. It should actually be cloudy. The clouds are the lymphatic waste.

The actual test, is to pee in a jar. Yep!!! You heard me… Pee in a jar! Put a lid on that jar, label it and put it in the fridge for four hours or so. Now you know… I can’t stress this enough, LABEL IT! We don’t need someone mistaking your pee for lemonade. After a few hours, if your kidneys are filtering, you will see the clouds very much in contrast to the liquid.

You will want to do this on three separate occasions. It doesn’t have to be timed or scheduled. But do it within a few days. The reason for repeating this three times is that it is possible that on occasion you will not see the lymphatic waste. The lymph system is not pumped like the blood system. Our physical movement is what moves the lymph (thus underscoring one reason that a significant amount of daily physical activity is a requirement for optimal health and longevity).

Digestive Tract

Because we have been eating cooked and processed foods, and animal protein meals for our entire lives, our digestive tracts are thoroughly clogged with mucoid plaque. And, it is also left in a deformed condition with abnormalities and blockages that are completely detrimental to optimal health and longevity. The deformation occurs because we are eating fiberless food. Without fiber in every bite, the peristalsis action that moves food through the digestive tract has nothing to squeeze against. The extreme contraction stretches the colon into horrible looking shapes. This is where diverticulosis/diverticulitis comes from. Damage to the colon occurs because of this constant action of peristalsis with no fiber.

As mentioned earlier, you are only able to receive 4% of the nutrition that should be coming from your colon. On top of that, because of the fact that our foods are cooked and processed, you are only getting a minute fraction of one percent of the nutrients that you should be getting. Follow me… 4% can penetrate the walls of the colon. But the denatured state of our foods through cooking and processing, leave only 1% or, thereabouts, of any nutrition at all. So you are getting about 4% of 1% that is left in the foods. It doesn’t matter if there is a fairly significant play in the numbers plus or minus. This is not enough nutrition to supply your needs in a restful state much less a state of exertion (exercise).

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

The body is an amazing thing. It has its own intelligence that will do what is necessary to preserve our life as best as it can. When we don’t eat the proper foods, our body takes action to protect us and keep us alive in the short term. However, this comes at a price. Since the body

can only use its current resources to bail you out of your bad habits, it has to rob Peter to pay Paul, so to speak. For example, most of what we eat (standard American diet) is acid forming. Meat and dairy are among the worst offenders here. The body has to buffer that acid, so it does so by taking available calcium resources to alkalize the acid. Unfortunately, this is weakening your bones which require calcium, and also is weakening your heart and cardio system, as the heart requires calcium as well.

Rebuilding the Body

When a person undertakes a program of detox, the body goes through an entire rebuild. Once you create the environment for the body to eliminate all forms of waste that has accumulated, it will flush everything out. Many people get very, very thin during this process, it is not something to be afraid of. Quite the opposite, it should be embraced. Everything is happening as it should. The process of rebuilding a new body is underway.

For example, one part of this is the fat cells. They have accumulated massive amounts of toxins over the years. Your body will flush all of that waste out. And so you will likely get very thin. But, after this process, your body will on its own, start building itself back up. It is a natural process. You should not have a preconceived notion of what you look like when you are healthy. None of us have ever experienced optimal health and longevity, so we don’t really know what to expect. Just trust and love the process…

And, go for it!

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