Dispatches from the War: COVID trauma-based mind control

“Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?” (CIA interdepartmental memo, Project ARTICHOKE, January 1952)

The covert operation called COVID, which has been planned for years, is all about trauma-based mind control.

The trauma combines fear of a germ with the sudden psychic shock of the lockdowns, the masks, the social distancing, the economic destruction.

For many people, this trauma is paralyzing on a subconscious level.


The government and media messaging about the “pandemic” was immediate, and it was launched as a wall-to-wall campaign. News reports, ads, public service announcements, talk shows, newspaper articles, press conferences, etc. No room was permitted for counter-opinion and evidence or intelligent discussion and debate. The messaging flood plays a major role in the trauma effect.

In a state of subconscious paralysis, people obey. They follow orders. They sleep-walk. They even, on top of the layer of paralysis, actively defend the powers-that-be.

A nation asleep. A world asleep.

—This would be the time for a political leader to step forward and address the people, in order to wake them up—first, by directing them to look around and see the unconscionable economic and, therefore, human wreckage.

This leader, this president, would describe in sufficient detail the horrendous situation: job loss, business closures, bankruptcies, suicides, murders, broken families. The national engine of production shut down. The “cure worse than the disease.” Far worse.

Then the leader would rally the nation with a plan for recovery. This would be a further wake-up call. For example, for a start, the creation of a million jobs, to repair the crumbling national infrastructure. Roads, highways, bridges, canals.

Trauma and paralysis need “a reverse vector.” Supplied with great energy and conviction.

We see none of that. Political leaders are mainly timid and brainless—when they aren’t forcing more restrictive measures on the people.

Perhaps the political leader with the most swagger and counter-consensus attitude—in the still most powerful nation in the world—is Donald Trump. Is he waking up the country? Is he stepping to the podium and laying bare the economic devastation that has been leveled at the people? Is he voicing a plan for recovery?



Most people see, in his maddening and conspicuous lack of real leadership, nothing unusual, because they are still in the middle of the trauma and the shock.

But there is “plenty of unusual.” A leader who doesn’t lead. A leader who, in a time of crisis, when leadership means so much, doesn’t step up.

THAT is unusual. That is madness.

Now, add this: the Stockholm Syndrome. People under rule by edict and force will often develop an attachment to their oppressors. Loyalty. Even a perverse love.

Why? Because they see no other option.

And because, on a subconscious level, the whole surreal world they are now living in makes no sense at all unless their rulers are doing the right thing.

Therefore, their leaders must be right. They have to be right.

The governors and mayors have to be right. Even the president, in doing nothing substantial, is right.

Of course, the loss of job and business and money is also paralyzing in the extreme. The government prescription seems to be: WAIT. Keep living on Welfare and bailout until the money runs out or until the crisis is declared over.

All in all, many people are subconsciously asking this question: would I rather wake up and therefore see the mass insanity all around me, or would I prefer to stay asleep and follow orders and pretend that is the best course of action? They choose the second option.

Waking up means the individual is living life at a new and different level. It means seeing the truth. It’s the first step to coming up with a strategy for dealing with the reality that has been imposed.

Not waking up means living in a state of conformity, accepting official statements and orders, following those orders, fitting in, acting normal, adjusting, behaving according to stimulus-response.

Re: quarantine, isolation, social distancing, wearing masks: “We did not know what the Russian [brainwashing] procedures were, but it seemed that they were producing some peculiar changes of attitude. How? One possible factor was perceptual isolation and we concentrated on that.” (Donald Hebb, Sensory Deprivation: A Symposium Held at Harvard Medical School. Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press, 1961)

John Q Citizen would say: “But I have to believe the quarantines, the isolation, the lockdowns, the distancing, the masks…they’re all happening so we can contain the virus. If I stop believing that, things would look very different. And I don’t want thing to look very different.”

Re: the use of fake official science as mind control: “Brainwashing is a system of befogging the brain so a person can be seduced into acceptance of what otherwise would be abhorrent to him. He loses touch with reality…However, in order to prevent people from recognizing the inherent evils in brainwashing, the Reds [Communists] pretend that it is only another name for something already very familiar and of unquestioned respect, such as education or reform.” (Edward Hunter, Brainwashing. New York: Pyramid Books. 1956)

Re: the recruitment of citizens to operate as contact tracers in a wide-ranging program: “Brainwashing is defined as an observable set of transactions between a charismatically-structured collectivity and an isolated agent of the collectivity with the goal of transforming the agent into a deployable agent.” (Thomas Robbins, ‎Benjamin David Zablocki, Misunderstanding Cults, 2001)



Migrating Away From Facebook

no-facebookIt has become evident that Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms have become 

  •  just as draconian….
  •  just as biased…
as mainstream media.
In fact, I would now have to include Facebook and YouTube in the acronym, “MSM”.
I will now start making my posts on my blog at GetMyHealthBack.Org and share those posts.
This will make it easier to move to unbiased blockchain based social media sites that will never go the direction that these publicly traded companies have gone.
One should also consider that they need to find other methods of personal (one on one, and group) communication.
We need to be seeking blockchain solutions to replace things like WhatsApp (Facebook owned). And of course, Messenger. Skype needs to be replaced, too (owned by Microsoft). WIRE is a contender. Further info to follow.
Currently I use programs such as Telegram and Signal. They will do for now. But, as I find blockchain answers I will share and encourage their use.
You should be preparing to make the move as well, creating accounts at other platforms, both blockchain and private.
I recommend you establish accounts at:
Facebook replacements;
YouTube replacements;
Skype replacement;
Texting replacements;
For those of us that use MS office on the cloud, it would be wise to move to OpenOffice. I know…. it is nowhere near as convenient. But we have zero privacy with MS on the cloud. 
Microsoft and other profit motivated behemoths have used AI and data collection through all of these venues not only for sales, but to determine trends based on psychology, that have been successful in predicting future actions of the masses.
This is, in part, why we are experiencing this massive take over of the world population with fear tactics.
For those that want to have a secure cloud where such office documents and other data can be stored, there is BoxCryptor that can be used in conjunction with any of the major cloud services. The encryption prevents anyone from seeing your data. There is even a mode that changed the filenames so that outsiders looking in would only see encrypted nonsense instead of filenames and types.
If we all took it this seriously, their ability for psychological profiling and predictive modeling would disappear.
There is so much potential for more atrocities in the last quarter of this year. In fact, the worst is probably yet to come, as the current hysteria is totally based on manipulation of numbers and “focusing attention” on falsehoods. However, the last quarter of the year may be fraught with an actual increase in death statistics as 5G is brought into action. Before you call me a conspiracy theorist, do a little research. You KNOW something is wrong with current events. Time for you to do a little research. 
  • Learn the truth about viral contagion.
  • Learn the truth about electricity and radiation.
  • Learn the truth about Agenda 21 at the UN.
  • Learn the truth about Agenda 20/30.
  • Learn the truth about ID2020.
  • Learn the truth about Rockefeller Foundations’s plan for you,
All of this information. Is readily available on their own websites. They aren’t hiding what they are doing to the world population. Yet, everyone is letting them do it.
So, let’s be ready to fight the fight of a lifetime.
But, let’s “hope for the best”, pray, meditate, and usher in a new awake era, where people will be freer than before, experiencing the abundance that is available to us all as children of the universe.
Let us begin this new manifestation with “action”, one of the components of manifestation. 
  • Know what you want…
  • Relish the thought….
  • Be so confident of it coming that you actually start taking the “actions” that lead you there.
And, today, those actions are:
  • Open the above listed accounts…
  • Join groups of likeminded people both on and offline that have the same intention to bring about a freer society than we had before this clampdown on human rights…
  • Pray and/or meditate a free and loving world of abundance….
And let all these things move you to action in a gleeful state of gratitude for what is to come.




I finally got serious about fasting

Last night was the scariest night I can remember

For the past year or so I have been slowly incorporating more and more cooked food into my diet. It’s funny that all the while I was still telling people, “I’m a raw vegan.”. It’s not that I was overtly lying. But, I have rationalized to myself all this time. As time went by, the amount of cooked food exceeded the amount of raw food.

Slowly, all of my old symptoms from 2007 had been coming back. But, the atrial fibrillation was virtually nil until a couple of days ago. Last night, it came on with a vengeance. I thought sure I was going to die.

I prepared documents and placed them on a USB stick to give to Kelly in case something happened to me. I didn’t want to worry her. So, in the middle of the night, as I was panicking and feeling like my heart was about to stop, I left a message on the screen of my laptop display, instructing her what to do if I died.

Eating raw food may have taken away my symptoms for the past twelve years, but I have never truly cleaned my body out. Shifting from raw food to cooked food not only brought my level of obstructions back to where it was… it became even worse.

I don’t want this to happen again.… Ever!

Today I embark on fasting. It will be a month or two, starting with green juices for two weeks, and then moving to watermelon juice, herbal tinctures and a pudding made from psyllium husk powder, bentonite clay, and charcoal powder (Master Fast System). No more fats, no more oils, no more grains, nuts, and seeds. no more solid food. You see, solid food creates obstructions. Even fruit. and I am desperate to get rid of this atrial fibrillation, and the other issues that have been returning.

Once before, in 2007, I discovered a miracle in changing my diet. Over a six week period all of my ailments…

  • atrial fibrillation
  • bipolar
  • diverticulosis and diverticulitis
  • IBS,
  • migraine headaches, and
  • chronic congestion

had disappeared. No more drugs, no more symptoms, … nada.

When I first became a raw vegan, I didn’t know where to begin. So I literally was eating either fruit smoothies or raw vegetables… No nuts, no seeds, no oils, no fats. At the time I didn’t realize that my incredible miracle was more to do with the food choices than being a so-called “raw vegan”. You see, I had chosen (unknowningly) to eat the least obstructive foods. This allowed my body to begin a process of mild detoxification. For the first time in my life my body had the ability to get rid of much of the toxins that I was putting in.

That will work to a point. But as I said, “they (raw fruits and vegetables) are the least obstructive foods”. That, of course, implies the reality that they still are obstructive. So even if you continue to eat these foods every day, day in and day out, the obstructions will catch up with you and cause problems.

But what I did was even worse. After the first couple of months of healing, I started eating “recreational raw”. This includes nuts and seeds, fats and oils. I used to love to cook. And it was great to be able to make recipes that were quite incredible even though they were raw. I can absolutely say I enjoyed them as much or more as cooked food. My first six weeks or so of only fruits and vegetables had detoxed my body enough to eliminate the symptoms. I was just below the threshold of experiencing those symptoms.

At that point, having started eating “recreational raw”, I now stopped that mild detox. And began a slow process of adding to obstructions again. After about eight years I had started incorporating a little bit of cooked food here and there. A couple of years ago I increased that cooked food content dramatically. The obstructions were piling up. I was aware of this via education on the topic. But as long as I wasn’t feeling symptoms I figured I could just turn it around when the time comes.

But when the atrial fibrillation returned, it returned with a vengeance. I had no idea this would happen. I was paying attention to muscle and joint aches. That was my bio-marker. My way of determining how bad off I was. Over the years, when the joint pain increased to a point that I felt it, I would simply cut out more nuts and seeds and fats. The joint pain would reduce and go away and I felt like I had things under control. The joint pain doesn’t even matter when you compare that to a failing heart. Very Scary!

In a flash, I was worse off than I ever was in the past.

We have to realize that if we’re going to be obstructing our body, then we must have a lifestyle wherein we are spending most of the time removing obstructions (detoxing). This means that fasting must be a huge part of our lifestyle. It’s not something that you can do for a couple of weeks and then make the assumption that you are detoxed. It’s not something you can do for a month or two and say you’re detoxed. It actually has to be a part of your ongoing lifestyle… A regular routine.

fasting to live…

This is what I’m doing now. At this point, I haven’t given any thought to a new schedule for “fasting versus eating”. That will be something to think about in the future. But in the state I’m in now, I am all about the fasting. I want to live. Not just live. But thrive. I can’t thrive if I keep myself on the edge of joint pain and severe atrial fibrillation. So I will be doing this for quite some time.

Since it’s important for people to understand what detoxification really is about, and, how it has to be part of your permanent lifestyle, I’ll be posting updates that are quite graphic. It won’t be for the faint of heart. LBTS (Laughing But Totally Serious) I will be showing you photos of what is coming out of me! I have seen people very close to me go through massive detoxes… One fast… 108 days. Foot-long worms were coming out of her!

Worms of unbelievable length are living inside of us. Don’t think that they’re not in you. They are living in layers of plaque in your colon.

If you have eaten anything on a regular basis other than watery fruits then you are loaded with them.

It doesn’t matter that the modern medical system acts like parasites don’t exist. They do. And boy are they prevalent! They are the obstructions that destroy everybody’s health. You can get tested in the doctor’s office and it will come back negative. But if you fast for a month or two they start pouring out of you. These parasites are feeding on all those obstructions that I have been talking about. They are there to clean up the waste. … Nature in action.

Pounds of mucus and plaque are congesting your entire digestive tract. Your lymphatic system is so congested that the blood’s waste has nowhere to go. It’s the colonization of bacterium, virii, and parasites in the lymphatic system that gives you what you are considering “a cold” or any number of ailments. If your lymphatic system was clean, as it should be, there would be know accumulation of colonized critters. And any “bug” that you inhale or ingest, would flush out of your system as fast as it entered. They stick around and colonize because they can’t get through the lymphatic sludge.

I am certain that my vitality will come back fairly soon. But, it won’t be time to stop fasting when that happens. That would be “living on the edge of disaster”. A month after I went raw (I was around 50 at the time), I began sprinting down the beach. The vitality was phenomenal. I want that back and more. So I’m in it for the long haul now.

So, stay tuned. And, let’s see what happens.


Frugivore Science

Recent research by anthropologists shows that we had an arboreal past. Our genetic ancestors were once tree dwellers. At that time, our genetic ancestors depended upon products of the tree, and later upon the fruits of stalk and vine for our sustenance. Dr. Alan Walker, an anthropologist of John Hopkins University in Maryland, has done research showing that early humans were once exclusively fruit eaters. By careful examination of fossil teeth and fossilized human remains with electron microscopes and other sophisticated tools, Dr. Walker and his colleagues are absolutely certain that early humans until relatively recently, were total fruitarians. These findings were reported in depth in the May 15, 1979 issue of the New York Times.

Dr Alan Walker and his associates, anthropologists at John Hopkins University,using the most modern electronic microscopic equipment,state:

“Preliminary studies of fossil teeth have led to the startling suggestion that our early human ancestors (Australopithecus) were not predominantly meat-eaters or even eaters of seeds, shoots, leaves or grasses,nor were they omnivorous. Instead they appear to have subsisted chiefly on a diet of fruit. Every tooth examined from the hominids of the 12 million year period leading up to Homo Erectus appeared to be that of a fruit-eater.”

– NY Times, May 1979 

The essence of Walker’s research is that even though humans have adopted omnivorous and carnivorous eating practices, our anatomy and physiology have not changed. We remain biologically a species of fruit eaters. The human digestive system has been adapted to a diet of fruits and vegetables for more than 60 million years of development. A few thousand years of aberrant eating will not change our dietary requirements for optimum health. The position that humans occupy in the animal kingdom is that of the Primate order, which means that, from the point of view of anthropology, our closest animal relatives are the anthropoid apes (anthropoid means “resembling man” or “man-like”). This species includes gorillas, monkeys and chimps all of whom are classified as frugivores. From the perspective of physiology, our human biology and digestion most closely resemble our closest cousin in the animal kingdom, the orangutan. Even our DNA genetic material is well over 95% identical. Humans developed on fruits just as simians and other primates in nature. In consequence, some anthropologists and biologists have classified humans as frugivores.


Detox for a Complete Restoration of Your Health

Exercise-Regime-AExercise for Health?

Many people believe that exercise and eating in moderation is the key to good health. But, in truth, unless you are already eating a diet that is conducive to optimal health and longevity, the exercise is actually not beneficial. It is, in fact, detrimental to your optimal health and longevity. Even if you are conditioning your heart, improving your vitals, losing weight, and the myriad of other seeming improvements that we see, the process is detrimental to optimal health and longevity. This will, most certainly, raise many eyebrows. So please bear with me and read on. It is critical for you to understand what I am talking about. It is critical for everyone to get past the mainstream marketing rhetoric that dictates society’s beliefs and actions towards health.




Over the years, I have learned much about what true health is. As simple as it really is, we have grown up with preconceptions… indoctrination… from the earliest of ages. … From the very beginning of life, actually. It seems to be in the nature of man, for change to be very difficult. … Almost impossible. Even when I was faced with the stark realities. I would mentally fight the change. Even though I knew it was the path I wanted to take.

After my first experiment of several months of raw/vegan (that was easy, because I made myself a lab experiment), I then knew that this was to be my diet for the rest of my life. Even though I knew better then to touch the foods that brought me to the sad state I was in, in later years, I still had a psychological desire for them.