Health Coaching

Coaching Services

If you would like Health Coaching for the sake of receiving education related to optimal health and longevity, as well as provide moral support to your efforts, feel free to make an appointment with me.

I will provide you education on the science and case study of raw food as a means of maintaining optimal health and regenerating less than optimal health. You will learn techniques that will allow you to determine your specific glandular, organ, system and genetic weaknesses via questionnaire and iridology (study of the eyes as a reflexology system). This data will empower you to make decisions about your own health and lifestyle.

Along with the science aspect, you also will be talking to someone who has been and is going through this process. This will be a place for you to vent, and a place to find strength in the experiences of another who have gone through this process.

Fee for coaching services is $40.00 per half hour telephone or skype session. This will also include 30 minutes of my time in responding to email dialog as further support.

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