It’s Organic

So! … My dad was recovering in the hospital. And, while visiting him, I still couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that I was probably seeing a glimpse of my future. And, I had no idea of how to stop it. As the weeks passed, I started doing much reading on nutrition and food additives. I had no interest in drugs, and surgery, as these are the things that I did not want to face. I was not particularly interested in holistic alternatives at the time. Like most people, I wasn’t treating them as if they could possibly be of significant benefit. Well! … Now I know that they are far more beneficial than western medicine. In fact, they ARE a benefit! And, western medicine is most certainly a detriment. Any substance that is foreign to the body is met with an “acid attack”. The more acid, the more degeneration. An acidic environment is the environment that all disease lives and thrives in.

But, at the time, I was looking at what seemed to be the logical venues; a) Exercise, and b) all of the things that enter our body… whether it be via the air, food, water, chemicals… through the skin… whatever. While most people don’t seem to make the connection that the food one eats affects our health, I was of the understanding that:
“food creates your blood”.

Think about that. …
“food creates your blood”.

Wow! I couldn’t have been more wrong. It isn’t food that creates our blood. Our blood is pristine until we start eating food. All food creates some degree of waste that gets to the bloodstream. Our blood needs to be oxygenated through breathing. However, food creates waste in the blood. And, constant eating, creates so much waste in the blood that our lymphatic system (the blood’s waste drainage system) gets backed up and clogged. 

Everything that you consume determines the quality of that blood.

Boy, did I nail this sentence? The more you eat, the lower the quality of your blood. Now some will argue that certain diets will clean up your blood. But, that is not seeing the big picture. If you change from a meat and processed food diet to a fruit diet, you will certainly see your blood cleaner. But, that is because you are eating less obstructive foods, and your body has a chance to detox a lot of the waste that was accumulating from the meat and processed foods. But, the fruit actually is still adding waste.  It’s just happening at a slower pace.

By this time in my life, the terms “free-range” and “organic” were quite popular. It seemed easy enough to do this. It was a bit more expensive. … But, geez! … This was my life that we were talking about. The buzz in health shops and in some local commercial advertising was that, if you eat natural, it is healthy for you. So, I began eating free-range meats and organic vegetables and fruits. I dropped my Wendy’s chicken sandwich, fries, chili, and frosty at lunchtime, and replaced it with a salad.

So, my new lifestyle was;

  •     Breakfast:    free-range eggs and bacon and a glass of orange juice from a carton
  •     Lunch:         A salad from the local mall accompanied by a fruit smoothie (that I now realize was a sugar bomb, as they were made with copious amounts of liquid sugar).
  •     Dinner:        free-range chicken, or beef, organic potatoes and a very small portion of boiled or steamed organic vegetables.

Well, this was mostly my new lifestyle. When I ate beef brisket at local BBQ joints, and when I ate bratwurst at the local German restaurant, I was pretty sure that I wasn’t eating free-range and organic. But, overall, I thought this was eating healthy and that it would, at least, stop my six illnesses from getting worse. At this point, I really didn’t imagine that I could actually reverse these things, anyway.

A few years went by. And, I had been very much into reading everything that I could get my hands on about nutrition and natural healing … Accent on “nutrition”. But … … the problem was that I was taking for granted that the mainstream sources of information were providing me with all the information that I needed. There were always so many of these statements … “There is not a clear indication of these findings.” … or, “Further research is needed.”. I later figured out, that the mainstream sources of information were, and are, all owned or sponsored by the mega-corporations that own and control the pharmaceutical industry and food industries. I have to say, they didn’t leave me feeling like supplements could do much for me.

I ate this way (free-range and organic, and no processed food) for years, and ended up adding a rigorous workout program of 2 hours, 3 times a week, with cardio work and a lot of resistance training (weights).

So! How did I fair out!? I’ll bet you’re excited to hear this! Well!? … I felt… um… much, much – Naww! Actually, I felt no better. The exercise made me look pretty good. But, I still had the congestion, atrial fib, bipolar, IBS, yadda, yadda, yadda. … As these years progressed, I rationalized that I was feeling better. And, I shared that sentiment with people who were noticing that I was physically looking really lean and muscular. But, your body doesn’t tell lies. It is speaking only the truth to you.

I learned from this experience that simply eating the foods that everyone was telling me was healthy, didn’t fix things at all. I fully understood that the progression of degeneration had slowed down substantially, having dropped most processed foods, and by being selective about the few “boxes” and “breads” that I would buy.

Just so you understand the significance of dropping processed foods, let me share with you some of the early information that I unearthed. … Information that should be in grade school textbooks, everywhere.


In the earlier years of my quest, I learned of Weston Price and a few other men from the early 1900s, who saw a rapid decline in the health of Americans at that time. He sought to find an answer. Weston Price was a dentist, not a doctor. But, as tooth decay became a rampant epidemic in the early 1900s, so, too, was the whole gamut of physical ailments. From arthritis to cancer, to heart disease, to diabetes, etc. In the summers, he closed his practice in the United States and traveled to different regions around the world to study indigenous cultures that were not suffering the ill health that was becoming the norm in the United States.

As he traveled back to these cultures, summer after summer, he witnessed the effects of “the foods of commerce” (pastries, canned goods, sugar) in cultures that previously did not have them. Often times, some of the siblings would continue eating the native diet, while other siblings turned solely to modern foods. Those siblings that ate the modern foods, succumbed to illnesses of many types. Meanwhile, the siblings remaining on the native diet were impervious to disease.

Tuberculosis was an epidemic of the times. The siblings who ate modern foods were the ones to die of tuberculosis. The “native foodies” would stand over their sick siblings being coughed on, and having to deal with all of those bodily fluids, and they did not – succumb – to tuberculosis … at all.

To make matters worse, when one or both of partners in marriage had a diet consisting of the modern foods, and then they conceived a child, that child was born with our typical Americanized face. Narrow … not enough room for teeth to grow in correctly. These children suffered a host of health problems of all types. They were plagued with dental problems for their whole lives (there were no dentists at the time because they were never ever needed). Suicide rates skyrocketed in these regions, as the foods of commerce moved in. These cultures never had cavities. … Never had tooth decay. Without dentists the pain was unbearable, and so people took their lives to escape the excruciating pain.


So, while I was definitely “way ahead of the curve” by eating the organics, and dropping processed foods, I still wasn’t healing. … And, I was still degenerating, albeit, a bit slower. My quest wasn’t over. But, this path of constant study… this effort to reclaim my health (or claim it for the first time), ended up paying off. As you will see, in the next section… “PAYDIRT“!