my journey

This is where my journey begins. I will post the story of those moments in my life where I realized that I was going downhill with the rest of the world. Subsequent entries will fall under the “My Journey” tab, so it will be easy to follow along. Or if you came to the party late, it will be an easy path to navigate.

writing style

When we speak to other people. We rarely speak the words as someone would read them. I think it is quite important that you personally understand me. … As if you and I were speaking face to face.

It has long been part of my writing style to use […] (just the dots) to signify a pensive, or thoughtful, pause in mid-sentence or mid-paragraph. Many people may read my writings and wonder what the heck all the dots are for. But, consider them “a thoughtful pause”. … As that is exactly what it signifies. Others have picked up on that concept, readily, and comment to me that they appreciate my writing style.

Since I will be blogging quite a bit of my conversation, I would like to add one other symbol, as I think it will bring a more conversational tone to the writing. I would like to use the [-] (hyphen) to indicate a shorter pause then the […]. Several […]s in a row would indicate a longer pause. This may seem daunting to read this explanation. But, you will find that it is straightforward and lends an air of personalization to the writing.

So, let’s get started. And go to the first ranting … Ummm – I mean writing! … Let’s go to the first writing and start the journey!

the awakening