Around 2007, I decided to move to Jacksonville, Florida. I used to visit my uncle occasionally, who lived in that area. I loved it so much, I just wanted to move there. Shortly after I moved to Jacksonville, my Aunt Doris (knowing I was a health nut) gave me a newspaper article critiquing a healthy restaurant in St. Augustine. I took it from her, and a week later, I decided to give it a try. The restaurant was and is named The Present Moment Cafe.

I went for lunch in the late afternoon. Not too many people inside. I looked over the menu. Something wasn't making sense to me. There were all kinds of dishes. Like Pasta Marinara, Alfredo, Sushi, Burgers, etc. But, nothing was from an animal. And, even more peculiar, nothing was cooked. Nada! But, the smells were awesome! The dessert menu had items such as blueberry cobbler, chocolate cheesecake, and all kinds of great things, too. So, I was kind of excited to try this stuff.

I ordered the mango samosas, and for dessert had the blueberry cobbler. I have to say. It was filling, tasted awesome, and I felt good afterward! [Cooked food and animal products require more energy to process than raw vegetable matter. This is why you feel lighter, and usually not tired after a raw vegetable meal.] When dessert came out, a blonde lady that was sitting at another table came over to talk, since she saw I was new at the restaurant. She told me her story, of her health issues. And, how she switched to this type of eating exclusively. She told me of the health benefits and the massive weight loss that she incurred. When she told me her age, I simply couldn't believe it. I was impressed!


Age 52



Age 56

A day or two later, she asked me if I wanted to go with her and a friend to a lecture by Tonya Zavasta. (born 1957)  This woman has two PhDs in highly technical fields unrelated to where her life journey led her... to Raw Food. I am very left-brained and she gave a very compelling lecture. So compelling, in fact, that the very next morning, I went raw for thirty days, to see what would happen to me.

The effects of this diet were profound!

I told myself that I would do nothing but raw fruits and vegetables for thirty days, to see what it would do for me. I ate mostly fruit smoothies, a small number of whole fruits, and occasionally a salad in the evening. I did not starve myself. I ate as much as I wanted. Well, two weeks into it, my chronic, stuffed, "morning blockhead sinuses" were gone! I had lots of energy, and this was encouragement enough to move on for the whole thirty days.

By the end of the four weeks, five of my six ailments had disappeared.

  • Bi-polar,
  • IBS,
  • migraine headaches,
  • Diverticulosis/itus, and
  • that chronic sinus congestion that I mentioned earlier.

I still was having the arrhythmia (atrial fib) at this point. But I found the holy grail to great health... to living with no disease. So, I was on board to keep going.

Two weeks later (that's six weeks total for this lifestyle change) the atrial fib was gone! GimmeAHighFive

From that point on, I was sold. It was confirmed. There is no such thing as "disease". Not for anybody. "Diseases" are simply a set of failures of the body to function properly solely because of the way we are treating it. What a horrible world to be caught up in. The intellectual medical community gives name after name after name, to more and more sets of these failings ("symptoms" they call them). And there are more and more "disease" names because humanity, as a whole, is treating its bodies horrible.

We are so far off the reality of our existence, it is perverse. All food and causes obstructions. Fruit is the least obstructive. A combination of fruit and fasting (most of the time) would be the best possible diet. It would allow the obstructions from the fruit to be eradicated regularly.  

The "Fasting/Fruit lifestyle", by and large, would be the best lifestyle that includes food intake. However, in an effort to repair the serious damage we have caused ourselves, God... or "Nature" (whatever you choose to call it) gave us herbs. I will go into those issues in future posts as well.  Anything else is, to some small or large degree, a serious compromise.

It is the rationalization of intellect that comes up with ideas like, "Eat For Your Type". What a crazy notion that some of us should eat fish because our ancestry did. And, some of us should eat grains because our ancestry did.

Under a microscope, the exact same things are happening to every human being on the planet. Grain clogs up the works in a big way, no matter if you are Asian, Caucasian, or Purple for that matter! Animal protein causes an acid bath in your body and causes your body to create mucoid plaque thus coating the walls of your digestive tract. All acidic foods and drinks (ie, meat, dairy, sodas, coffees, teas, processed foods, etc.) are stimulants and cause massive spikes and crashes in hormone levels. If these hormone levels do not remain balanced your health and longevity are totally muted. When you eat these things constantly, your body is always in defense mode (the immune system is running full tilt) trying to keep you alive. It never has time to actually remove the bulk of the toxicity. It just keeps pushing the matter around, coating it in plaque to protect you, stuffing it in fat cells to get it out of the bloodstream, and so on and so forth. The toxicity is constantly accumulating because you never stop eating long enough for your body to have the time to excrete it all from the digestive tract and drain it all from your lymphatic system.

All of these things happen no matter what race you are... No matter what region you grew up in. The wonderful thing about 'observation' is that "you see what you see". A fact is a fact. All you have to do is get rid of intellect, ego, and pride. And, for large companies, all they have to get rid of is the need to make money at the cost of other living being's health and well being.

Hippocrates, Tree Of Life, Dr. Morse, N.D.

There are organizations all over the planet, that recognize these realities. These laws of nature, that one must follow, or pay the price. Hundreds of thousands of people have found the reality that the only way to achieve optimal health and longevity is to abide by the laws of nature. Hundreds of thousands of people have returned their bodies' to homeostasis simply by detoxification of the body... fasting.

FYI, homeostasis is a state of equilibrium. Where everything is functioning properly and efficiently. When things;

  • when you ingest a small amount of a toxin, say a little mold or something... or;
  • you contract germs that would otherwise have devastating consequences

your body now has the ability to detox these things out of your system rapidly.

So Many Misunderstandings

Man has been led to believe so many falsehoods for the sake of somebody else making a buck. That's the largest part of it. It is also true that pride (ego) causes science to advance at a snail's pace, because men simply do not want to let go of old beliefs, even in the presence of new compelling data, or observation. But, by and large, making a buck is the reason we are suffering.

We are led to believe that certain things are essential or beneficial when they are actually 180º the opposite... Yes! Actually, extremely detrimental. Let's look at just one of them for now.

Cow's milk is essential for good human health and development

Ok. Someone, please explain to me, how a species evolved on planet earth requiring the glandular secretions of another species for its survival. This is egregious. If you believe in evolution, then you know this couldn't have happened. If you believe in intelligent design, then you know that a creator would not create a dependence upon the mammary glands of another species for its survival and optimal health and longevity.

To make matters worse, even though our own species stops requiring our mother's milk at around two years old, they have marketed milk as being something we need to drink lots of! ... every day! ... FOR EV ER! The science is clear. The marketing hype is abominable!

  • Humans stop manufacturing the enzyme required to process human milk (or any milk for that matter) at or around age two. From that point on, our bodies' do not process milk. Milk is a foreign substance and treated as such by the body.
  • Cow's milk is a product of nature designed to quickly grow a baby calf into a 1200 pound two-year-old! The hormones and all the other constituents are not designed for humans, but for baby cows. And, the quantity of these hormones is phenomenal! Far too much to be put into a baby human. It sounds like a recipe for disaster. And, in fact, it is a disaster.

The terribly out of balance hormones cause humans to mature at far too rapid a rate. Allergies abound from drinking milk. And, yes! Osteoporosis is highest in the nations that consume the greatest quantities of the glandular secretions of other animals! Why?

Because! Milk Leaches Calcium from Your Bones!

When you put substances in your body that generate large quantities of acids, your body must buffer those acids. Your blood pH must be within a very minute range of 7.35 to 7.45. If it goes higher or lower, you quickly suffer and die... accent on the die part. We cannot live without our blood in this range. When we are eating a diet of fresh living fruits and/or fasting, our blood stays within this range with minimal effort.

To be completely accurate about this, one must consider that ability to manage stress is vital. Stress creates acid in the body. So, along with the diet, you must be able to live your life able to handle stress. That can be accomplished by meditating, but that is a subject for another day.

If we eat foods or beverages that are highly acid forming, our body must quickly buffer the acid. It can only do this by stealing resources from within the body. The largest way in which the body buffers acids quickly, is to take the alkalizing calcium out of your bones. Hence, "milk leaches calcium from your bones.". It does not and never did build strong bones. I would like to say that this is the most egregious marketing deception ever perpetrated upon the free world. But, that is far from the truth. Every lie that devastates our health is equally as egregious... And, my friends, there are many.

There are so many more deceptions.

I'll address many of them in the future. But for now, here is the beginning of a series of videos that I will post. This one covers the dairy concept that I previously discussed. 

dairy myths

So, That's My Story

And, I'm sticking to it. I have not scratched the surface on the science of it. I have learned a lot since 2007. The mass deception that has been perpetrated on the U.S. and now, all other nations, is just incomprehensible. It isn't just the corporations that are responsible for this. Although, they are taking it to new levels. In reality, when man first stepped out of the rain forest and into climates that were not new for man, the troubles began. One can presume animal protein came on the scene where man did not have access to his usual vegetation. One can also presume that cooking became a means of preserving that which was considered food when there was scarcity. The first stove dates back to more than 15000 years ago (if you can rely on carbon dating.. but, who knows!? we weren't there... no way to validate it.). So, at that time, man started eating foods that caused vast toxicity, and major acid production. From there the slope's incline began to steepen, and it is getting ever steeper, very quickly, as we are watching the world population dying off from ingestion of toxicity.

People don't realize that the massive consumption of drugs and the massive use of vaccines are devastating to everyone. 100% of the constituents in these drugs and vaccines are incredibly toxic to life. More and more of them simply will not create good health. The reality is that they are possibly the largest part of today's steep decline in health worldwide.


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